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At Faber we are certain that the ongoing improvement of company processes, complete satisfaction of our customers and the lowest possible impact on the environment and on the health of workers and users are essential aspects and goals we seek to achieve every day.

This is why we have set out the following essential principles that form the foundation on which the Integrated Company Policy is based:

- Complete and constant customer satisfaction, which for Faber means reducing to zero the gap between customer expectations and what the company is able to offer, going further than the simple supply of a product to guarantee the provision of a genuine service;

- Continued improvements to every process within the company, through decisions and actions based on evidence and on the monitoring of processes and significant environmental aspects;

- Complete involvement of all company staff in the achievement of set goals, through a clear unity of purpose and direction;

- A systematic management approach to identify, understand and manage the system of interconnected company processes to pursue set aims and contribute to company efficiency and the effectiveness of actions;

- Relations between the company and its suppliers orientated towards mutual benefit and mutual growth;

- Evidence-based decisions, since effective decisions are based inevitably on logical and intuitive analysis of real information and figures.

Thanks to all this, we have worked for and successfully achieved ISO:9001:2015 certification of our quality system, issued by Certifying Body Certiquality.

Each employee and collaborator of the company is an essential part of its structure and as such, is actively involved in the achievement of aims and objectives.

We work hard on a daily basis to keep our operational and organisational procedures operational and these allow us to direct every company process that could influence the final quality of the service we offer our customers in a controlled and documented manner.

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