High-performance, solvent-based, and low-odour stain-proof treatment for porcelain stoneware and ceramics.

GRESLUX is a protective, low-odor, stain-proof treatment, specifically developed to give top-performance, lasting protection against stains to porcelain stoneware, ceramics, and surfaces with low absorption and compact structure.

GRESLUX is quick and easy to apply; it forms no surface film and since it is also low odor, it can be used in closed areas, where the characteristic odor of solvent-based products can be a problem. GRESLUX is a neutral product that will not change the color of the material on light surfaces, while it enhances the tone and coloring of dark materials.


Ceramic Glazed

Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured

GRESLUX rev 3.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet